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The Catacombs Of Gleason And Castle Hill

December 9, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

This is one of the sites on my run (if I ever happen to run-damn you winter.) I never get to take a picture because I don’t carry me phone when I run. This building catches my eye every time I  pass it, but it’s usually night. This time, because it was daylight, I decided to bring  my phone with me. The vaulted ceiling along the passageway makes the interior courtyard seem really important because after you travel through that narrow  walkway, youre in the middle of a great garden. It’s a pretty building, I especially like the facade detail on the fourth and fifth floors. They remind me of a Swiss Cottage or the house that Hansel and Gretel live. I always envision a snowfall, a fireplace and cocoa when I see that.

  1. December 9, 2009 at 3:37 am

    We have these Hansel and Gretal architecture in Kew Gardens too. Some of the original buildings remain. http://kewgardenshistory.com/ss-apts-0100.html

    • December 9, 2009 at 4:31 am

      Oh wow, that’s really cool, I love looking at architecture and its history over time. Just by looking at those two pictures, you can extrapolate so much…and that was only an 80 year span. Even the streets were different.

  2. December 9, 2009 at 4:58 am

    thank for architecture sitei love it

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