Sunset Over Westchester Avenue. It Makes The Name Make Even More Sense, Huh?

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The Greatest Views Of The City Come From Outside The Spots Outside The City

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Thois was taken on the Whitestone Bridge, heading from The Bronx to Queens. Only the view from the north tip of Staten Island, at St. George rivals this scene.

Lafayette And Houston Streets – This Is Where Grace From Will & Grace Works

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Greetings From Ancient Rome, Bk

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Uggs Are The Devil’s Spawn

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This is the most pointless, character-less shoe in the history of shoedom, even Keds had more flavor than this. Look at them, there’s no form, there no detail, it’s the letter “L.” Why would something like this cost $165 a pop? Why does my mother and sister have a combined 6 pair? (Does the math in my head… NINE NINETY. Whoa! No! Fail!)
I love how the girl that wear Fuggs (fake+uggs) are so proud of it. “$29.99, baby… I aint no fool.” I can applaud that, if you’re gonna go stupid, don’t break the bank getting there.
I know it’s cold out and I hear uggs are really warm…you get one-third of a point for that fact. Period. But then you loose 2.75 points for wearing them in Summer too. And for the men wearing uggs… *dead air* *white noise* *radio silence*

I Love This Chair. I Need To Find Out Where I can Get One.

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More Ugly Shoes…

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These a basically bladeless ice skates