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A Happy Birthday’s In Order: NYC Song Of The Week “Empire State Of Mind” – Jay-Z/Alicia Keys

December 4, 2009 2 comments

How fitting is this,  Jay-Z’s 40th birthday is on my NYC song day. Hmmm, does Jay have any New York videos out right now? Ummm, yeah he does, i should know, I directed it. I kid, the is a Hype Williams joint and I love it. I can name about 97% of shots in this video. [RealTalk] I wonder if he’ll spend his 40 at 40/40. *Other Jay Posts*

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Bk. Mural.

November 29, 2009 Leave a comment


Cotton Candy For Rent

November 24, 2009 5 comments

Ths house on Garfield Place in Park Slope Brooklyn used to make me gag a little bit when I saw it. I don’t know what their intent was, but this is disgusting. It looks like bubblegum, I bet it devalued the adjacent properties. Who lives in there, Elle Woods, or something? I think she’s leasing it from Willy Wonka.

NYC Song Of The Week “Paper Planes” – M.I.A.

November 20, 2009 Leave a comment

Yeah fine, M.I.A.’s Asian from England and Afrikan Boy’s from…well, you can guess that one. None of that matters, because that’s what it means to be a New Yorker, a Brooklynite- it’s a worldwide affair. Besides, the opening scene is of this video is the Brooklyn Bridge, you can’t get more New York than that.

I learned from my international homie, Fari B, that a “plane,” in India/ Central Asia, is a person that smokes a lot of weed all day (they call them “chimneys” in St. Kitts, right Jo.)  They call’em Redman in Brick City.

That made the line click even more in my head, “I fly like paper, get high like planes/ If you catch me at the border, I got visas in my name.” That’s “Jigga Lyricism” right there. All Roads Lead To Bk.

I can name like 7 reasons why I love this song (+video) right now:

  1. The cash register sound reminds me of Pink Floyd’s “Money
  2. The Cool Kids really do walk down the streets like that.
  3. Afrikan Boy, at the grill, is hilarious (listen to the remix with him and 50 Cent.)
  4. I didn’t need Pineapple Express or Wayne’s swagga to put me on to this one.
  5. Gun Shots in the chorus: So M.I.A.
  6. I can totally picture M.I.A. running up on someone, pistol-whipping them and stealing their rope chain.

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Van Helsing On The 4 Train

November 10, 2009 6 comments

Sometimes when I’m riding on the train, I see some real aesthetically displeasing people. I’m taking a page from my mother’s book and not use that 4-letter U-word when describing people. As she would say, everyone’s beautiful to someone. I don’t know about all that, but the word ugly leaves no room for descretion, it’s so blunt, I’ll prefer “aesthetically displeasing” or “physically undesireable.” It really bugs me out when Flava Flav’s slightly older less attractive brother walks on the train and he’s wearing a wedding ring. That leaves me simultaneously optimistic and depressed. Apparently there’s someone for everyone, so why am I by myself. There’s also my theory that the Ms. Congeniality’s of the world know when to settle. Then there’s that enigma wrapped in a riddle known as Brooklyn, where Shabba Ranks bruh dates the Stacey Dash mami, go figure. That kind of Hitchcockian humor turns everything on it’s side. That probably explains why Dracula and UnPrecious over there keep looking at me, doing the schoolgirl giggle. I don’t know if one of them are trying to holla or if they’re clowning me, either way, I’m tapping out the ring. Some Brooklyn girls are rough and it’s always the ones that wanna make a scene on the train, too. I think to myself, “no boogies, no slobber, no crust on the sides of my mouth, what are they looking at?…are those moon eyes? Oh, the fear. Fall back Beowolf, you just released the AntiHorny.”

Queen Amidala Spotted In Park Slope

November 9, 2009 Leave a comment

Queen AmidalaIt’s rare to see Queen Amidala just walking the street in Park Slope without her Imperial Security Forces. She must have been heading to a tryst with long time lover, Jar Jar Binx again. Little does she know, the Darkside’s on her tail, her poly-vynil dreadlocks hold the key to rebuilding the Empire.

A Tree Grows In Brooklyn

November 6, 2009 Leave a comment

In Prospect Park, at Park Slope.

I love this tree, it looks so prominent, so important. I bet this tree has been here since the park was created and this is just what the Landscape Architects inteded for it to look like 150+ years later.  Prospect Park Tree

Brooklyn.Fulton Street

November 2, 2009 1 comment

Fulton StreetI just like this picture. It’s Fulton St by Hoyt, looking west. The sky looks crazy.

“The rain ain’t gon’ scare us, we still gotta get the kung-fu and porno vids from the Africans on Hoyt, my girl needs some shea butter and a fake Prada from the dude’s on the sidewalk…and the Halal stand it right there too, we IN that. Where’s the $3 Umbrella Man?”

Foodie.10/21/09. Mr. Falafel’s

October 22, 2009 6 comments

foodMFAs much as I love my own cooking, it’s about time for me to mix it up and I’m willing to spend some green today. Well, I have no choice being that I didn’t bring lunch from home. So what’s in my vicinity?: Chinese food; McDonald’s: Deli/Diner. No, no, no: save the “Cream of SumYungGuy” , Ray Croc’s unfood and overpriced watery nothingness for a more desperate day. I want something good, meaningful, with flavor…something that won’t break the bank or take forever to make.
The little “foodie lightbulb” just went of in my head. I’m going to Mr. Falafel on 7th Ave (between 3rd and 4th Sts.) I haven’t had authentic Egyptian/Mediterranean food in months and this is the only place in Brooklyn I would go for it. I passed two other Middle Eastern/ Mediterranean Restaurants on my way here, but they just don’t cut. I have my loyalties. Mr. Falafel was the ‘cuisine du jour’, everyday, for me until I honed in own chefery. I probably tried their whole menu, so now I can just walk in there and know what I want. In the great debate between a chicken gyro and their Egyptian burger, the lamb patty took home the gold this time. Egyptian Burger in a pita, feta cheese, chick peas, tebouleh, lettece tomatoes, hots sauce, tsatsiki… Can you smell it? Since I’ve been gone so long, I had to make up for old time’s sake, “let me get a small hummus, some falafels and extra pitas too, please.” I’m going IN today. Yeah that sounds like a lot, but the good thing about Mediterranean food is that you can eat hearty without feeling all heavy and weighed down. Further proof the American food is predominantly designed to keep subsidized farmers and health insurers in business. Mr. Falafel has the kind of food that leaves you feeling all invigorated and refreshed after you eat. If I would have had Chinese food, I probably would’ve been in a coma by now, or worse… I definitely made the right choice. I might make this a weekly thing. They’re the only place around my way that has food worthy enough for me to pay for-rivaled only to my own knife and fork skills.heart


October 22, 2009 4 comments

“…Damn Homie, In High School You Was The Man. What Happened To You…”

I’m wondering what the appropriate response is when you see one of your former high school classemates on the train? I mean, it’s been like 8 years, we weren’t that cool we were in there and you look like a bum now. This is why Apple made Ipods…at least it wasn’t another one of old classmates selling candy and batteries on train… The truth about peaking in high school is grim, if you can’t carry over that fame to college, you’re screwed. Half of my graduating class is, or got someone knocked up. A quarter of us actually attended and finished college, the remainder just feel off the earth.

What A Difference A Minute Makes

7:22: I leave my house, the express trains right at the station waiting for me. I get a seat, the arrival at 125′s synched up with the express, where I get another seat. I’m at Union Square before I can even get really comfortable… The N’s there, I never get the N, it’s always the Q (which I rather not take) I get to Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn in about 8 minutes, then I just have to take this train one stop. In the office at 8:30

7:26: I get to the station to see the train leave (if only the poeple in front of me could walk up the escalator a little faster.) The wait for the next train’s about 5 minutes and it’s crowded- no seat for me>>>I get to 125th Street to an even more crowded 5 train. Trains move slower when they’re crowded because people habitually blocked the doors so it takes people longer to get in and out. By the time I get to Union Square, it’s anyone’s guess how long these trains are gonna take. And of course we’re at a stand-still on the bridege and the next train takes forever, I get to work at 8:45.

On The F-Train In Bk

October 19, 2009 3 comments

F-Train Cantilever Bridge3F-Train Cantilever Bridge2I took these pictures on the F-train in Brooklyn, at the Smith/ 9th streets station. The steel trusts look more like instalation art than support members. Its Industrial Art functioning as anF-Train Cantilever Bridge1 MTA bridge. The netting along the bottom of the pictures is construction support netting, this is one of the grimiest, unkept strips of the entire subway system. Right now they’re gutting out the entire trackbeds from the two center tracks. That runs for about 3 stops (1+ mile), from Carroll to 4th Ave/9th Street… Without all of the gravel the track beds look like roadways, it’s cool. Hopefully these workers could deal with the rusty stations and the stalagmites and stalactites growing on the floor and ceiling. At least I can find beauty in all this dilapidation.

Music.2 – BP3

October 16, 2009 2 comments

I don’t like rap music in general, its too much beats and bravado and not enough skill. I don’t know what it actually was compelled me to download and listen to Jay-Z’s blueprint (That’s right, lil’ Ms. Hip-Hop junkie, Dee hit me with a link.) I thought I was gonna give it the “ole college try” so that when someone asks I could say, “yeah I heard it, didn’t like it.” I even let it sit in the Ipod for about a week before i played. I had to feel it out: I didn’t skip a single track..and I have the Soul Assassin, 27 track edition. That last “D.O.A.” remix goes off and I have no problem hearing “What We Talking About” all over again. Its kind of shameful though, this is the first Jay-Z album I ever heard, it makes me think I should’ve hopped on the band wagon a decade ago. Oh well, can’t go back, on to the next one.

This song always comes on at the same place when I’m jogging, I’m going downhill and I have no choice but to run with the beat.


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