Long before the Dow dipped below the 14,000 mark, I was skimping and scheming new ways to pinch a penny…and there are many. Here are a few of the ones that are on the “up and up” and suitable for mass-consumption.

  • Retail Shopping~In general, try to shop at stores on the side streets, opposed to the ones on the Avenues. Side street shops have lower rents, therefore they don’t have to charge exorbitant prices to recoup their losses.
  • Free Coffee In The Mornings~Yup! Like the title says: “free;” there are still some things you can get in New York City without shelling out any beans. Most banks have little coffee areas in their main lobbies, I know Bank Of America, HSBC and Chase usually do it- up until about 1 pm, also. Don’t worry about it not being…»»»
  • At The Supermarket~Try not to go shopping around the first of the month. Supermarkets jack up their prices around that time because they know there’s going to be an influx of people shopping using the money they received from government benefits (Social Security and Welfare, unempliyment is weekly, etc.) The best time…»»»
  • Drinking Before Clubbing~I know all the lushes out there are with me, they would co-sign, but they’re too twisted to speak. I’m not saying get wrecked before the party, I’m saying get loose and save some dough. (Segue: eat some dough before you drink, you’ll thank me in the morning.) Clubowners/bartenders are crazy these days…»»»
  • Free Appetizers At Hale And Hearty~That’s right I said free. Now don’t get it twisted, Hale & Hearty’s not out there giving away mini quiches and cheese squares to the general public, but if you go in there and ask for a couple (or seven) samples of their soups they’ll give it to you…»»»
  • Free Condoms~If you’re on your Recessionistic hustle you should already know that you can get free condoms from the ER, doctor’s clinic and from your school’s Student Union. Unfortunately we all aren’t matriculating at this time and the last time I visited an Emergency Room was to…»»»
  • Snacks At The Waiting Room~As I said in a previous post, I once had to run in a hospital to charge my phone because it was threatening suicide and I was miles and hours from home. I get inside the emergency room, CNN’s on the tv and Lorna Doone biscotti-style cookies and Dole juice cups…»»»
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