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What’s in The Box? What’s in The Box? What’s in The Box?

January 11, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Having to mail this box made me think of something. I remember, about a year ago- actually, I remember the exact date, it was New Year’s Eve ’09 because that’s the day I was in Soho buying my iTouch- I had this empty gift box, maybe about 6″ x 12″ x 8″ with the detachable top, in my hand and I decided to pretend there was something incredibly “important” inside. I can’t remember why I had this empty box in my hand, I probably found it, I do that, my mom used to call me Fred (Sanford) when I was little. No, I’m not a hoarder, I can just see the value in some things that might have been tossed by someone else.
I had this box in my right hand, extended out a little bit, walking VERY carefully (still fast, of course), looking at it making all kinds of facial expressions: fear; concern; anxious jubilation; glee. The reactions of the people passing me on Spring Street were truly priceless, jaded New Yorkers don’t want to pretend to care, so they just give you a two second raised eyebrow then go about their business. I even tapped my fingers some, but kept my palm steady so it looked like the movement was coming from inside the box. Pretended to almost drop, looked frightened and everything. It was too hilarious.
When I walked in the Apple Store to buy my iTouch, the whole crowd in front parted to let me through to the back like I was handling bio-hazardous waste. It just made me realize how impressionable people are. Even if they want to pretend they’re not. It’s a classic example of misdirection, making something out of nothing. Like what magicians or pick pockets do. That really cracked me up.

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