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The Butterfly Effect

We’re all familiar with the term (even if we didn’t see that Ashton Kutcher movie), the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Chicago can be the impetus for a tidal wave in Tokyo..or something like that. It’s the idea that every occurrence is related…links in a chain and even if just one’s altered, there will be a series of reactions. We can’t always prove it, but I believe in the notion. Everything IS interrelated.
I often wonder how different my life would be if just one little, minute event didn’t happen. Like, would I be “me” if my parents stayed together (I know I’d have 6 less siblings, that’s for damn sure). Or if I just took that liquor bottle out the hotel room that night with us, I might be a father now. (No, I will not elaborate on that story.) I also can pinpoint “those singular events,” significant or not, that set the course for a lot of great happenings after.
I wouldn’t know half of the people I know today if it weren’t for the election of Barack Obama. And no, it’s not like I met them at the Democratic National Convention or a campaign rally… During the night of the 2008 elections, I was channel surfing, looking for election results, maybe it was Will.i.am’s hologram or something, but I stuck to CNN. I got hooked on the channel after that, it was the thing I’d watch when I didn’t wanna reach for the remote. About a month later Chesley Sullenberger landed that Southwest jet on the Hudson River and Don Lemon from CNN was talking about Twitter being the first people to get footage of the site. I really thought Twitter was a photo-journalism organization like Associated Press or something. I started hearing it everywhere in the media, but now knowing what it was. It was later (March 2009) that I learned twitter was a social network. Don Lemon was the first person I followed…then you.

And the rest is just frosting on the cake.

Do you have a story like this, I bet everyone does.

Random Fun Fact: Butterflies were originally called “Flutterbies.” I just think that’s cool.

  1. January 9, 2011 at 4:48 pm

    I’ve thought along these lines quit a few times. What would my life be like if my mother didn’t move us out of the city when i was 13? What if I didn’t kiss a girl and like it, what would I have been doing in those 3 years? What if I got prego when I was trying to? A lot of what if’s but i think life goes the way it should. I will credit twitter 100% for everything current in my life. Twitter opened doors to a life im pretty sure I wouldn’t be living. #So to o_O

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