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#%@!?“ o_O Only In My City, ONLY

Why, good lord, why? Why do I have to deal with so much on, what’s supposed to be a basic ride home? I had a good day, went to a party, saw some old friends, hung out, went to another friend’s, enjoyed some ‘spirits.’ [Note to self: don’t smoke and drink if you already have a headache #thingseveryoneshouldalready]
I get on the train, expecting to sleep away at least half of my 30+ stops to get home (because, of course, there’s no overnight express service on weekends.) I’m old school grooving to Miseducation Of Lauren Hill, trying to neo-soul the head pain away, but I can… HOLD UP, how damn old am I that I call an 11 year old album “oldschool?” Scary. So, anyway, I get on the 4 train at Borough Hall and there’s a multi-sensory managerie of offensive content. How much can I really take, it was like the people were flourescent lights and I was blinded by stupidity.
The chick sitting down from my looked like Lady Gaga’s protege, with a plastic dress, some unidentifiable method/means of footwear, some other crap that I blocked out and glasses frames with no glass in them. She looked like a sideshow. Then there was the live action Bebe’s Kids and the whole damn family. They had to have be from some section 8 trailor park project in the very center of the ghetto. C’mon seriously, who plays Wacka Flocka on a train AND THEN sings to it? That’s HOOD!
Dopefiends. Bad toupés. Midnight subway evangelists. BABIES AT 1:20am. Where am I, the 9th subway station of Hell? I’m not getting any shut eye what-so-ever. It must’ve been fated.
Why don’t those kids pull up their damn pants, the look like rape victims for ex-cons and preists. Hood Negro Shit. “Lemme try to be as loud as possible, so I the center of the train’s attention as I talk about bagging bitches, ducking DTs and my failed-before-it-began rap career” Slap their mamas. Castrate their dads. And fire their principals…
The person sitting in front of me with the big ass named tag that say “Shennequua” looks like the black version of a Daria Morgendorfer and Hello Kitty…if Hello Kitty had too many lip piercings and bad acne..
Damn, the scantily-clad girls sitting diagonal from me look kind of hot, but they look like hoes too. I mean no disrespect for the chicks on Hunts Point, but these girls look like they don’t even get paid to look this trashy. Did I just see pussy lips? #SHOUTOUT to girls that go commando and sit on trains with miniskirts. She must keep antibiotics in her fake purse. “PaRADA” *blankstare* I guess Sax 5th Avenue move to Canal street. The kid sitting across from me now looks like Jason Lee in The Crow.
This is too much, I’m done. I am wide awake now and mentally exhausted, thanx NYC MTA. *if you are reading this, I’m finally above ground and 80% home* Beeches..

  1. August 10, 2010 at 9:03 am

    I’m just shaking my head! Seriously. Just shaking me head. Someone hold me!

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