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Who Does This?.. And You Sign My Checks?

I definitely don’t wanna make my blog a place where I talk about my boss…that’s what twitter and gChat’s for. I won’t go into the contradictory jumbledness and cacophany which is his brain any further than just to say, “he’s #off and goofy…”
A couple days ago, I walked in to the office, I had my shades on, I said hello to my boss, then turned my back to him to face my computer. When I first turned back around towards him, without shades on, I noticed he had a haircut, a buzzcut. Later on, when I was standing besides him, I noticed that this fool doesn’t truly have a buzzcut. The front and sides are buzz-length, but the back of his hair is LAYING down. From a distance, his hair looks uniform in length, but the back has to be .375″ longer… And, ummm, when you have a buzz cut, that’s like more than double the normal length.
When I first noticed it, I had the blankest stare ever, like, “how the f^ck does this happen, how the hell do you not notice the height/texture difference…I wanna tell him, buuuuuuut…” I was thinking, how does someone let this happen, it’s as if he, his wife, or one his kids used the clippers but only ever used them in the front-to-back motion. [ Another blank stare 😐 ]
So, of course, when he looked in the mirror, it looked great. *shrugs* Maybe he forgot the rules about reflection, it doesn’t reflect the back of your head. Maybe the Dalai Lama’s his idol. Maybe the Buddhist Monk look is gonna be the new thing in men’s hair fashion this Summer. Maybe I’m trying too hard to give an excuse for OFFness…

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