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Granny At Grocer’s

I’m in pathmark, waiting on this long ass line to get my grandmother some stuff for her birthday. (My grandmother’s a major fan of this supermarket and if I could, I would just give people money on holidays, but since that’s “un PC,” I give gift cards: chose your own gift. I’m giving my granny a card with a dollar for each year of her life: 87) The special customer service line is adjacent to the produce area, in that area I see this woman who’s so damn old, i think she’s here for her bi-centenial party. You ever see someone so old, you just can’t help but laugh? I mean, this lady was so small and frail, it was almost comical (ehh, almost?) The funny thing, though, is that I can tell she still had her wits about her. She was with her grandson, I presume, he looked about my age and tragically bored. The same way I am when I’m with my grandmother at stores. It was hilarious to watch though because the little old lady was cursing the collard greens for being to limp and ‘sad.’ I was actually laughing out loud at her, picking off leaves and turning her nose, it was just too much. The grandson had on the blankest stare the whole time, lackidaisically pushing the cart, walking pass the cantelopes like he was walking the green mile to his death. That was truely an episode.

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  1. dip
    May 8, 2010 at 1:24 pm

    Lol sometimes old people are cute.

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