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BLT for Pookie (MTA Rant)

Watching a dopefiend, on the train, nod in and out of unconsciousness while drooling, is pathetic and disgusting enough, but when you add a bacon/lettuce/tomato sandwich on roll with cheese and extra mayo, it gets really gross. This guy was looked so nasty as the drool mixed with the mayo at the side of his and it started to dribble. Bacon grease and limp lettuce lined his fingers as he drifted in and out. I’m surprised he did drop his food. And then this fool decides to stuff his face at the last bite, I don’t how he didn’t asphyxiate at that time.. But you know junkies, they’re like weebles, they’ll wobble and toggle, but they won’t fall down. Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®

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