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“Shuttle To The Funny Farm: Next Stop 125th And Lex”

I’m one of those New Yorkers that knows how to act when on the train with looney toons.. (Oh, excuse me, I meant to say “people not in control of all their mental faculties”) When the guy that’s maniacally eating the Popeyes’ drumstick and talking to his 4 invisible friends starts talking in your directions, it’s New York policy to not engage, just pretend like they don’t exist. Same goes for bums, train performers, the high school kids selling candy ‘NOT for their basketball team,’ vagabonds and the Mexican mariachi bands… Sure it might sound harsh, but this is New York, we’re on the train to get where we’re going, not to be accosted my Bellevue escapees or swindled out of the changes out of your pockets by the wack-ass break dancers.
I have started to noticed a higher frequency of mentally disturbed people on the trains lately. I’m wondering if it’s Recession-related. I now municipalities try to cut every corner possible when the budget’s in the red. Who knows, maybe they’re lowering their release standards and letting the semi-dangerous out, only holding back the criminally insane… I can’t call it. I just know I’ll be on the look out.
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