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Random MTA thoughts.04.01.10

What do you write when you have nothing to write? Is it that I have nothing to write or is it just facebook and twitter’s dominance has taking over my artistic expression? Hmmm [?]
Today is April Fools Day… And it will be April Fools Day until the 30th, then it’ll be May Fools Day for the next 31… I just can’t buy into the hype, I don’t follow any of these holiday/trends crap. I joke every day and the ones on this day are usually lame and expected. I’m too much of a pothead-intellectual/ loner-stoner to join in, I’d rather discuss the historic roots behind the day than prank on twitter or where have you. Did you know that the first day of Spring use to be the first day of the year back when Europe was the center of the flat world. Then some genius, a monk probably, decided to begin the year at January. All of the people that continued to consider Spring [April 1] the beginning of year were called Fools. (I wonder if Snapple could have fit all of that on one of their caps)

  1. dip
    April 1, 2010 at 2:11 am

    i didnt know thats where it came from. april fools sucks. already put on my fb status im not in the mood for jokes.

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