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Hype Song of the Week “Whip It” – Devo

December 17, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments


There are really too many oddities to count,but let me try, you tell me if I missed any. Just the motley crue of characters makes the set up ridiculous on its own: some cowboy and cowgirls, futuristic turtleneck-wearing, flower pot hat musicians, a live-action mannequin and a matronly lady. What’s up with the log cabin and the hay, it’s so obviously a sound stage. The cross-eyed Asian woman trying to shoot a beer can out of a guy’s hand is  hilarious, probably a little because that kind of joke totally wouldn’t fly with in today’s ultra politically correct society. (Americans don’t even use the word fat anymore.) The subtitles are funny too, all #TWSS- worthy. One says, “ride’em cowboy” and the older lady holds  a big bowl of white cream and says “come and get it.” That says enough. The video ends with the drummer, who has been playing with only one drumstick the entire time, runs off the set like there’s a fire, for no reason. Odd.

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