Random NYC Tip.8 (Free Condoms)

December 8, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

If you’re on your Recessionistic hustle you should already know that you can get free condoms from the ER, doctor’s clinic and from your school’s Student Union. Unfortunately we all aren’t matriculating at this time and the last time I visited an Emergency Room was to charge my blackberry at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center when I was in The Heights on a ‘produce run,’ but that’s an entirely different story, or two.
A couple of years Mayor Bloomberg and the Office Of The City Of New York  Department Of Health came up with a genius idea: NYC-owned condoms, to be distributed throughout the city at social/communal venues free of charge. *WIN* A little extra money kept in my wallet (I already don’t believe in buying condoms, matches/lighters and water.) Next time you go out, you’ll notice a little wicker basket or a small fishbowl filled with condoms at the door of a bar next to the bouncer. (By the way, it’s etiquette to take as you leave, not on your way in. That appears a little presumptuous, doesn’t it.) Other establishments that receive “Apple Wrappers” are barber shops, beauty salons, community centers, (acting) theaters and others, I’m sure. Highest concentration of free condoms are in Manhattan’s East and West Villages, that was kind of a given though, with all the clubs, bars, lounges, druggies and male prostitutes, the streets should be lined with latex.

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