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What I Did Last Friday

December 1, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

*play the music from this post while you read* These are really cool pictures taken by @Fariyal85/Fari B. last Friday when we were at Pacha for David Guetta. Do you know this girl actually called me for us to get ready at 8-ish because “it said the show starts at 9:00pm” (Yes I did laugh out loud at that time.) New Yorkers, DJs and club owners take “fashionably late” to new heights-and plus, there were opening acts: who does that… So we get there around 12:20 or so, just in time to wait at the Advanced Tickets line for another 45 minutes, 50 yard from the Hudson River as we watched Swampistanian (and other Bridge and Tunnel) girls in hookerwear. (I’m telling you, nipples don’t freeze on club nights.)

There was some DJ on deck when we go inside, BUT IT WASN’T GUETTA. I was not enthused. The club was packed, but not ‘Japanese subway‘ crowded yet. The above pictures all have people with their hands raised, the lower left one looks like “Devotion” to me. The upper right picture with the chick with the cigarette and cup in her hand, underneath the disco balls, tell the entire story. As soon as Guetta walked in from VIP, it was a bum rush, or a “sway rush”, rather. The thing I notice was how happy David was to be there, he was smiling almost the whole time, amping himself up. He had a good time, so we had a good time.

Look at the go go dancers in the cage above the crowd in the picture above on the left. I was staring at them for a little while too. One of the dancers (the one on the right) had all of the moves, but I could tell she was studying for her Chem test and thinking about her pre-med bills and student loans in her head. (SUZE ORMAN NOTE: Student loans aren’t absolved in bankruptcy and the will garnish your wages.) So Becky must DAANCE!.

The last picture on the right is of the SS Intrepid Sea, Air And Space Museum. Cool.

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