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International Artist Of The Week – David Guetta

November 25, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Ahhhhhh! Guetta is the Man: producer, singer International DJ, he just doesn’t quit. He’s one of the artists I go searching for on the internet. When did I first get put on? I can’t really recall, but I remember exactly where I was and the first song I heard, “Love Is Gone.” Then on with the search…
My top five favorite Guetta songs are “Fuck Me I’m Famous” “Everytime We Touch” “Delirious”(especially the Laidback Luke remix) “Higher” and “Distortion” (in no particular order.)
I need to get in to David’s new stuff, by Friday when I see him at Pacha. I don’t know how many times he performed in the city and I didn’t go because of one reason or another. No, no, no, not this time: I’m in that suckah!!

Guetta is really becoming known in America, I feel all special for being on the banwagon way before the masses- just like with Buraka Som Sistema, M.I.A., Gaga and a couple others. Guetta’s all over the place right now, he’s been collaborating with Akon, Kelly Rowlands, Estelle, Dr Dre., he produced Kelis’ latest song.

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*I love the bass drop in Everytime We touch at like 1:50.*

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