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UGGS.2: An Aussie History.

November 24, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments
I was talking with my Aussie friend, @jintanut a while back when I first started this blog and I was ranting about Uggs on twitter. One of my first posts was about Uggs and she emailed me a brief history of the epidemic, a first-hand testimony:

Heres the low down on UGG boots from an AUSSIE.
History says the UGG boot was invented here by a sheep farmer with cold feet, apparently he made ‘do’ and so I would imagine he skinned a sheep, cut it up, and fashioned some type of ‘boot’ from the bloody mess. A NZ
farmer also claims it was his idea…. but never mind that.
Fast forward to 1980s, I was in my early teens. Ugg boots became popular as fashion, some had laces, some were long some were short. They were mainly used as a slipper, EXCEPT by the kids and surfies back then, whenever it was really cold, or after swim training we would be given our ugg boots to wear…thanks mum. It was daggy, wearing slippers out in public.
Then, a few years later, YOUR Pammy Anderson came to film Boobwatch here in OZ, and someone gave her a pair of high UGG boots, she wore on the beach, with a Bikini, and so, the UGG boot became world famous overnight. Suddenly the UGG is in magazines etc! So time goes by, and now EVERYONE is wearing UGG boots-everywhere.. Most Aussies did not embrace the trend of wearing out slippers out in public.
So then a company from USA decided to ‘buy’ the word ‘UGG’ and BAN its use here in OZ, and so now small sheepskin places are wondering what the heck to call the UGG style boots if we cant call them UGG boots anymore??? This became national news, and made the papers for years…during this time,the past few years- something strange happened to the UGG boot in OZ.
We seem to have become protective of what we consider to be ours, companies here ignore the UGG legal issues, and continue to make boots named the UGG boot.
I accidently wore my black lace up UGG boots on a flight earlier this year lol. It was 5am mid during winter, I was running late and I left my real shoes in the car and ran for the terminal wearing my UGG boots.
It wasnt cool at all. People here openly laugh at you. If the terminal shops had been open, I would have bought some shoes.
So, if NYers are wearing the UGG in public, I say THROW TOMATOES AT THEM.


Yankee To Aussie Translations:

NZ – New Zealand

Daggy– (see glossary)

OZ– Aussie

  1. November 24, 2009 at 3:56 pm

    rofl our lil nut said this??? lol wow now I am informed 🙂 Don’t own uggs but sooome are cute. Now the shorts and the uggs is a different story……

    • November 25, 2009 at 4:25 am

      🙂 Yeah that’s our nutter…lol
      She emailed me last month, I was just busy and wanted to get some distance between posts.

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