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Naked Knee Caps (UGGS.3)

November 24, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Women have this uncanny ability to pick and choose which body parts they want to be warm that day.

Jeans, boots and a half jacket. Scarf, gloves, hoodie with short shorts and flip flops. A fur coat with a mini-skirt (I guess ankles don’t get cold on date night.) I know girls who would wear those skippy dippy flat shoes with no socks in the snow like it’s nothing. I think they were Himalayan sherpas in a past life. Now let me try to pull some hinky dink nonsense like that, even going to the store in shorts is a stretch for me. My kneecaps aren’t as resilient as this lady’s. It’s a good thing guys clothes are a little more basic (at least when it comes to covering what it’s supposed to.) Besides, I really don’t think backless shirts (and such) are something that should catch on for men. Let the women amaze us with their feats over homeostasis and adventurous clothing.

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