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Listening to Maroon 5’s “It Won’t Be Soon Before Long” album. It hasn’t got that much play, of late. Blame is on Phoenix, Cobra Starship and Buraka Som Sistema. I already see this playlist is gonna play round-and-round and I really don’t mind, “Songs About Jane” is next.

I once read in book-and by read in a book, I mean, heard on television-that at any given time the human mind is toggling between five and nine things. I always try to count the things that I’m thinking, but I lose focus. Or, thinking about the list, bumps one thing off of it. You can realize when one of the topics is gaining the lead when your headphones are on. Sometimes I’m on the train and I’d miss a whole block of a song/playlist and I wonder what happened. I didn’t go anywhere, I wanted to rock-out when Devo’s “Whip It” came on, too bad I was thinking about bacon-wrapped boneless chicken breasts, the health care debate on Capitol Hill and plot lines from the L-Word…

Uggh. Doreen Williams from 7th grade, Ms. Haime’s class at I.S. 195 in Harlem. Hmm, I guess she peeked in junior high school. I bet she spit out at least 2 cubs already. Sheesh, I hope so, that would account for her face…and waist. When I see somebody from past schools and they look rather “unfavorable,” I don’t even waste my time getting their attention. I probably didn’t like them much in school and it looks like their wardrobe’s still there. I’m’ good. I look so different from junior high and high school, most people won’t even recognize me. Hmmm, the chick with the biggest mouth in grade 7 is now the lady with the biggest gut on train 6. I don’t think she has all of her teeth either…can you say, AntiHorny… Leave it to an old classmate to help you validate your own existence.
**The names were changed to protect the ugly**

YIKES! 10 Year High School Reunion is beating down my back. I have less than 3 years to be internationally known by my first name, alone.

“Kids these days do the darndest things” <~ A clear sign that I’m ‘aging.’ I remember when I got my first tongue ring at 15. It was more about “everyone’s doing it, so, so am I” over anything else, but I thought it was cool. I wonder would I have gotten it if other people didn’t have it also. I didn’t even know about its probative value between the sheets til later. Some trends stay, some just fall flat. I can’t see how piercing your tongue horizontally along tip, is something that can really be “in” these days. That just obstructs and hinders everything you could possibly do with your tongue. It’s a lisp-maker and it’s beyond me…I’m not, nor will I ever be there. I might play a freak on television, but I still gotta ride the MTA.

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