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Terror Trials in NYC, My Thoughts

November 16, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

New York City is a strong city, we’ve overcome a lot of issues long before two planes flew into the towers. I consider it a slap-in-the-face to say we’re unable to try our own accused at the scene of the crime because it makes us “less safe.” This coming from our former mayor, no less. Seriously, that in itself is an swipe at Bloomberg’s handling of the city and the NYPD as it is today. Didn’t we just have Ahmedinejad, Gadhafi, Obama, Merkel, Medvedev etc. at the UN general assembly a couple months ago? We can host the world’s heads of state, but we can’t anticipate and protect against what may happen if the 5 detainees are tried in US federal court downtown? (And it wasn’t a mistake to try the blind sheik there either, for the first attack.) It’s a gross under-estimation of New York’s might.

Why are we leaving it to other countries to detain these people for us? I think that makes us look weak, we’re not able to keep our accused in our own jails, “they’re too dangerous.” I wonder if America holds other nation’s prisoners/detainees while the other nation settles certain legalities of their incarceration. I heard Giuliani say on CNN, “it would cause too much [gridlock].” When your biggest concern about trying the people who caused the worst tragedy on US soil IN YOUR CITY boils down to traffic and gridkock, that just shows the weight that your argument holds.

Bloomberg’s behind this and so is the NYPD and the President. Attorney General Holder made it very clear that he’s doing everything he possibly can to try, convict and execute these individuals. I’m confident that justice can be obtain in a New York court. Even though some Democrats disagree, I still feel that this is mainly a partisan battle. “Do the opposite of what they do, and we’ll be Right.” How can America boast about having the greatest justice system in the world if we’re not willing to display it on the world stage? I don’t want to hear about the transcripts from the military tribunal of these people, I want daily reporting from in and around the courthouse. They said it will be a media circus, of course it will that’s going to happen regardless, wherever the trial is held. I think New Yorkers should be able to this chapter in our history to rest.

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