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11/04/09.8:00a.Election Day After

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So it really happened, I can’t claim surprised or anything, I just feel hoodwinked and made fun of. Richie Rich said I can only come to his birthday party if I make him Class President. It really is possible to buy elected office. Wait, I already knew that, this is was even more blatant than that. Money was thrown everywhere at everyone. Bloomberg slowly conquerred City Hall, the unions and the media-it’s disgusting. When someone spends nearly $100,000,000.00 to win an election, is that even an election or a membership fee? When we face economic troubles in the next four years, it’s going to hard to take Bloomberg seriously when he says, “the city schools are facing a hiring freeze because of fiscal strains.” Or, “the MTA’s Second Avenue subway construction is halted due to a $17 Million budget gap.”

“$17 Million, that’s nothing, our mayor will help us out”

No he won’t. Bloomberg wants to buy the system, not be Mr Fix-It. It’s [analogous] to the federal government spending ka-billions on the Toxic Asset Relief Program (TARP) when they could of just paid of home owner’s mortgages. $100 million could have really revitalized this city in so many ways. #IfBloombergGaveNYC100mil. All that money was wasted in less than ten months…Recession, what Recession. *see also*

The truth is Bloomberg could have spent a fraction of that amount if he wasn’t such a autocratic Napoleonic out-of-touch Billionaire. There would not have been a Democrat with a fighting chance if Bloomberg would have went to the people of the City of New York and said something along the lines of: “I know this has been a matter that’s been posed and decided by the New York voters before, but I feel like, with me as your mayor for a third term, I could continue the work I have been doing to make this city one of the finest city in the world. As well as pull us out of our current economic Recession”. Bloomberg would have polled in the high sixties/low seventies on Election Day because he has been doing a good job. That wasn’t the case, however, Bloomberg circumvented the people’s will and we don’t take too kindly to that, at all.

The truth of the matter is that candidate Bill Thompson did a hell of a job contending with The Behemoth Of Park Row. You would think if someone spends twelve time more money than their opposition, they’ll win by at least double. Not the case here, Thompson was defeated by only a couple percentage points, that deserves acknowledgment. I still think that if Billy went a little harder in the Spring, he might have had a better change. At least he didn’t cower the way Rep. Anthony Weiner did in the face of Doomberg’s Dollars.

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