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MTA.10/26/09 (Cortlandt Street)

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I was riding on the R-train through Downtown Manhattan just now and we passed the Courtlandt Street station. (This is the station closest to the Ground Zero, it literally sat under the World Trade Center.) After 8 years, they’re finally making some progress, its about time, even though trains still aren’t stopping at the station. Now if we could just do something about the Freedom Towers, itself, we’ll be on our way by the 15th anniversary.

  1. October 26, 2009 at 8:28 am

    I have not seen Ground Zero in person. I, like many people, have a story about where I was when it all went down on 9/11. I won’t belabor you with a long story, so I’ll be brief. I knew it was an act of war in my Spirit. I’m not an arm chair QB, I took action. I gathered my sons from here and there, quietly, to be by my side. My apartment was our HQ to plan our moves. I saw a mass of humanity on tv SUFFERING in NYC that day, D.C. and Pennsylvania. Some say nothing should be built at Ground Zero. I’m not sure about the matter, I defer to architectural and historical experts even the citizens of NYC. What I am sure of is that We, the Citizens of these United States of America, need to put petty differences aside so no one EVER does us dirty like that again. ALL the Cortlandt Streets ETC., USA, are our home. And people in positions of power saw it coming…

    Thank you for my vicarious view from the R-train through you, Core.

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