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“…Damn Homie, In High School You Was The Man. What Happened To You…”

I’m wondering what the appropriate response is when you see one of your former high school classemates on the train? I mean, it’s been like 8 years, we weren’t that cool we were in there and you look like a bum now. This is why Apple made Ipods…at least it wasn’t another one of old classmates selling candy and batteries on train… The truth about peaking in high school is grim, if you can’t carry over that fame to college, you’re screwed. Half of my graduating class is, or got someone knocked up. A quarter of us actually attended and finished college, the remainder just feel off the earth.

What A Difference A Minute Makes

7:22: I leave my house, the express trains right at the station waiting for me. I get a seat, the arrival at 125’s synched up with the express, where I get another seat. I’m at Union Square before I can even get really comfortable… The N’s there, I never get the N, it’s always the Q (which I rather not take) I get to Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn in about 8 minutes, then I just have to take this train one stop. In the office at 8:30

7:26: I get to the station to see the train leave (if only the poeple in front of me could walk up the escalator a little faster.) The wait for the next train’s about 5 minutes and it’s crowded- no seat for me>>>I get to 125th Street to an even more crowded 5 train. Trains move slower when they’re crowded because people habitually blocked the doors so it takes people longer to get in and out. By the time I get to Union Square, it’s anyone’s guess how long these trains are gonna take. And of course we’re at a stand-still on the bridege and the next train takes forever, I get to work at 8:45.

  1. Michelle (Capri72)
    October 23, 2009 at 3:30 am

    You have one HECK of a commute to work. No wonder you need a blog. You can not hold in all the stuff I’m sure you see.

    • October 23, 2009 at 2:42 pm

      LOL..exactly! I need some kind of outlet to distract me from the Uggs, Junkies of East harlem and germy children..

  2. dip
    October 23, 2009 at 2:23 pm

    They had a 5 year reunion for our class this year. I didn’t go. I still talk to most of the people I was really cool with and I hate running into HS people I didnt like, but get a dose of satisfaction, when i’m ordering my food from them at the drive thru lol. thats rude, but.. oh well.

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