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Music.2 – BP3

October 16, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

I don’t like rap music in general, its too much beats and bravado and not enough skill. I don’t know what it actually was compelled me to download and listen to Jay-Z’s blueprint (That’s right, lil’ Ms. Hip-Hop junkie, Dee hit me with a link.) I thought I was gonna give it the “ole college try” so that when someone asks I could say, “yeah I heard it, didn’t like it.” I even let it sit in the Ipod for about a week before i played. I had to feel it out: I didn’t skip a single track..and I have the Soul Assassin, 27 track edition. That last “D.O.A.” remix goes off and I have no problem hearing “What We Talking About” all over again. Its kind of shameful though, this is the first Jay-Z album I ever heard, it makes me think I should’ve hopped on the band wagon a decade ago. Oh well, can’t go back, on to the next one.

This song always comes on at the same place when I’m jogging, I’m going downhill and I have no choice but to run with the beat.


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