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A Hickie From Kanicki’s Like A Hallmark Card

October 15, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

hairI’m a major fan of bringing back something old from the past and making it new again; New Kids On The Block, Foster Grants, Jolt Cola, Joan Rivers, I love it all. However, not everything needs a rerun. They say that fashion repeats every 20 years or so, I can believe that, that’s why we had oversized granny glasses in the 80s, the resurgence of bell-bottoms in the 90s and these big-shouldered one-piece spandex jumpsuits and genie pants today. One style that look that never really settled is the James Dean/ greaser/middle Rebel Without A Cause/ 50s look. How much of a rebel could anyone really have been during the Eisenhower administration? “Oooh….he’s smoking a marijuana cigarette and listening to that rock and roll colored music.” Back then a pelvis thrust could make a girl pass out. C’mon, “without a cause” is right. Yet, there’s something so iconic about slicking a pound of grease in the hair, wearing straight legs with the high cuff and overstated,scruffy-looking shoes.  The Greaser has been around for half-a-century now, I think its safe toshoes say that the style is embedded in the American Fashion [Repitoire]. The look is even stronger in the UK; because genres in fashion are so fluid, branching into various social sects and cultures, this guy could be a Punk or Houligan walking around in the East End. Before the drunken bar brawl, that is, I’ve never seen a Houligan look this up-kept. Its a good thing this guy’s hair wasn’t of a ‘kinkier’ persuasion, he didn’t have to perm, hot-press and burn the scalp to achieve his rendition Havana’s Fonzie.

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