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There’s a really high functioning schizophrenic that rides uptown 6 express train in the Bronx with me sometimes. He’s well-dressed, clean-cut man, you would never assume he’s seeing/hearing hallucinations. He appears to be coming from work or something. He gets on the train at 125th Street, its more than possible that he’s coming from the Psych ward at Wards Island, the hospital shuttle bus let’s people off right at the 125th Street station  on the 4/5/6 train. I affectionately named that area “Skid Row” it looks like a casting call for Intervention out there. Dopefiends sell entire pharmacies in front of the Pathmark; Flavor Flav took over as community organizer after Anna Nicole’s untimely passing. The first time I saw this guy, I really thought he was smiling, talking and laughing with someone across the aisle…until I looked across the aisle and didn’t see anyone. People don’t really notice that this guy’s bugging out because he has a cup of coffee, instead of a cup full of loose change.  That just goes to show you should never put your guard down in this city of 8 million~its like a jungle sometimes…

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