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Its Monday! I’m supposed to be happy about that? I take 4 trains to get to work in the morning. Yeah, that sounds like a lot, and it is. At least it only takes an hour and 5 minutes. I’m traveling from The Bronx to Brooklyn, everything has to happen like clockwork: “if I’m at 125th by 7:47 and at Union Square by 8:06 then I’ll be fine.” Otherwise, it’s anyone’s guess. With 3 express trains and a local, there’s definitely room for hiccups-everyday! The the most annoying part about using public transportation in the morning is the packed trains and people’s ignorance when it comes to moving all the way into the train car. Those people are assholes, I know you all want to be near the door so you can out quickly,but you’re coongesting the train. It always amazes how many extra space is left on the center of the car, even though around the doors looks like a Tokyo train car.

I Love Jesus on the 5-trainOh great, somebody’s trying to sell me God on a 5-train on a Monday morning I got a seat, that’s amazing, but now I gotta hear this fool even though my headphones are on max. It’s always some fresh-off-the-boat honky-tonk Caribbean man with a faded “I love Jesus” hat with penny-loafers and washed out dungarees. I don’t think he knows today is Monday, church was yesterday…and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t sponsored by the MTA. I swear if murder wasn’t illegal…. I really don’t even have it in me to GO IN right now. I’m about to start preaching the daily horoscope.

Ok Pastor Grand Central Port-au-Prince just got off on 42nd Street. He walks off the train so normally, no shouting, no hypocrisizing or pontificating, he just walked off the train like a regular strap-hanger. That makes me wonder if he does that everywhere. Does this guy enter places, looking all unassuming until he just busts out in sermon… Damn it’s Monday..


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